Drain Clearing Solutions in Chapel Hill & Durham, NC

There are various reasons for Clogged Drains. We have the necessary equipment to offer any type of cleaning you need while providing the clean solution necessary for our environment. We do not use harmful chemicals during drain cleaning. We offer three types of drain cleaning services:

  1. Snake Cleaning
  2. Rooting / Rod Cleaning
  3. Sewer Jetting / Hydro Jetting

If one or all of your drains are clogged, you may need one of these services in Chapel Hill & Durham, NC.

Snake Cleaning & Rooting

There are several types of drain snakes we use here at Durham Plumbing Services. One is a smaller, drill-powered snake, used to clear clogs in smaller kitchen, lavatory and shower or tub drains. It is very effective at removing hair and other small debris that can clog the line. The next size is our 100 ft. 3/8" cable machine. This machine will clear normal clogs in lines up to 4" in diameter. It, too, is effective at removing hair and other debris while also having the power to retrieve small items lost in the drain as well as removing small roots and busting up grease and paper clogs.

Our biggest machine is our 200 ft. cable machine. It has a 3/4" cable with interchangeable heads capable of clearing and cleaning lines up to 8" in diameter. This machine is capable of removing most any debris and clearing most any clogs. This is also our most effective method of rooting out roots in sewer drains.

Sewer Jetting / Hydro Jetting

This is a service offered for clogged drains with grease and gum being the culprit. Jetting is an environmentally friendly way to clean the inside of your drain lines. The before and after pictures show a sewer line, not currently clogged, receiving a regularly scheduled jetting maintanience. How It Works: The Sewer Jet is a high-pressure water line that is inserted into your drain piping and sprays water in serveral different directions to clear clogs while cleaning the walls of your drain piping system. The Jet has three rear angled jets that propel it down the line while a forward facing jet sprays at over 3500 PSI to clean/clear any clogged debris. This service, though more costly than a standard snaking, is very effective. Here is a video of Hydro Jetting in action: